Unlocking Revolution: LSM Collaboration

At LSM, we believe in the power of collaboration and the endless possibilities that arise when like-minded businesses join forces. As a dynamic and forward-thinking media company, we are excited to offer unique business association opportunities that can elevate your brand, expand your reach, and drive growth in ways you might never have imagined.

Who are MPartners?

We are associated with business enthusiasts in various industries whom we call MPartners. Our highly experienced MPartners are those who run our internal operations as an LSM team and at the same time they execute projects of their business model under their supervision as a business partner.

Our vision is to empower the individuals and growing businesses with our network and operational expertise. 

So those employees who are also willing to associate with us as business partners shall be awarded with both an appointment letter for the role of an employee and an MOU for the role of a service partner. 

Benefits of associating with us

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility

Leveraging our expertise in networking and brand promotion, we can amplify your brand's presence across various platforms resulting into higher rate of customer engagement.

  • Strategic Marketing

With a data-driven and creative approach to marketing, we can identify your target demographics and design strategies that resonate with them. This leads to more effective marketing campaigns and higher ROI.

  • Networking Opportunities

Partnering with LSM opens doors to networking with other like-minded businesses. Collaborative events, workshops, and initiatives create a fertile ground for building meaningful relationships within your industry.

  • Operational Assistance

With the team of LSM you will not have to worry about your internal operations leaving you engaged with your core product only.

Roles and Responsibilities of our MPartners

(Complete support will be provided by the team of LSM at every phase of solution delivery)

  • Internal business operations as an employee as and when required.
  • End-to-end solution delivery in a timely manner, starting from the blueprint of the solution to client fulfilment. 
  • Supervise optimum solution delivery in a timely manner to the clients.
  • Recruitment and management of his team.
  • Solution delivery in optimum resource utilization keeping the record of resource utilization at every phase.

How to join LSM as an MPartner?

If you're ready to take your business to new heights, Littlesparrow Media is your ideal partner. Together, we can chart a course towards success, innovation, and growth.

  • Process your complete business plan
  • List down where we can associate in terms of services and monetary benefits
  • Submit your proposal along with your  profile/portfolio to [email protected] or contact us on (+91)84699-36684

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you!