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We craft captivating stories for entertainment, businesses, and events.

Teams of Littlesparrow Media are masters of storytelling on the big screen, crafting captivating narratives that entertain, educate, and inspire; becoming the face of businesses, the highlight of events, and the catalysts for revolutionary change.

  • #BeyondBoundation

    Promoting self-reliance, diversity of operational ideas, and innovative outcomes

  • #Tathastu

    Promoting social, economical and environmental sustainability.

Littlesparrow Media
Beyond Boundation



To attain a stronghold in the core industries of our conduct, which include but are not limited to media production houses, business operational solutions, and event management.



To become a sustainable and value-driven conglomerate worldwide in the majority of industries possible. Targeted industries for future enhancements include real estate, education, manufacturing, FMCG, and textiles.

Corporate Ethics


To be honest, transparent, and ethical in in all of our conducts.


The highest standards of quality with the highest optimization possible.


Proactivity and creativity in our approach to problem-solving.


Promoting self-reliance, diversity of operational ideas, and innovative outcomes.


Promoting social, economical and environmental sustainability.

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